COLUMN: Covering Urbana City Council helps connect city, campus

By K. Lamorris Waller

Favorite Story: Negro League Holiday

Best interview: Robert Lewis, Ward 3, on Negro League Holiday

Priceless quote: “I think shutting bars down will encourage kids to get drunk at home.” – Tom Bruno, Champaign City Council member

Most passionate story: Negro League Holiday

Moment I loved my job: I saw many people talking about my story online in the comment section.

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    Moment I hated my job: Every time I interviewed for a story, wrote it, got it edited and checked in and the next day not seeing in the paper or online without so much as an e-mail telling me it’s not running.

    Story I would cover tomorrow: I would cover the cell phone ban story tomorrow.

    I would love to investigate this person’s life further: I would love to investigate the life of Melinda Miller, The Daily Illini Editorial Advisor.

    If I could do a story over: It would be the Adderall story.

    Story I look forward to covering in the fall: I look forward to covering the arts in the fall.

    The hardest stories to write: The ones where developers don’t give you information because they don’t know, and I’m on deadline.

    I chose my beat because: I feel its important to connect the city of Urbana and the campus on a more personal level.