COLUMN: Gonzalez gets makeup tips at Drag Show

By Annette Gonzalez

My favorite story:

My favorite story would have to be the one on the IUB’s Drag Show. Being backstage with all the performers and watching them prepare was an experience I will never forget. They even gave me makeup tips.

Most interesting interview:

My most interesting interview was probably with comedian and UI alumnus Michael Kosta. He’s pretty quotable. The other sources I talked to about him had some excellent stories to tell about Kosta as well.

Story that got the most reader response:

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    I’ve had several responses to the drag show story. The layout for the page was well done and the photos definitely got a lot of attention.

    Best quote:

    I’ve got to give this one to Michael Kosta:

    “I just want people to remember that we should all just enjoy our lives, laugh, and we should all make love to each other.”

    Coolest feature story I saw in the DI this semester:

    All of them were pretty cool!

    Number of classes I missed to do stories:

    If I admit this in print, will it count as an excuse for my absences? Too many to count. I’ve lost track.

    Best thing about features:

    We’re crammed in the back of the sports section. No, seriously, the features section has the chance to highlight people and events in our community that we wouldn’t know about otherwise. We get to be creative with our writing and can ask all sorts of unusual questions. It’s been a great experience.

    Story I would have liked to have done:

    It would have been nice to do the piece on mural artist Katie Maglia in Iraq. I thought it was a great piece, and I think what Maglia is doing out there is wonderful.