COLUMN: Student government brings out best, worst of job

By Michael Logli

Favorite story written this semester: probably all the stuff about the trustee race in general.

Best interview I did: I couldn’t tell you. None of them particularly scream “awesome job” or anything.

The priceless quote that will hang on my wall: “I will be your gorilla.” – Frank Calabrese

The story I was most passionate about: writing about the first home football game without the Chief.

I wish this story … had art (the story).

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    Moment that I hated my job: Every ISS meeting over three hours.

    The story I would cover tomorrow: Why white people can’t dance: a documentary.

    I would love to investigate this person’s life further: John Unrug.

    If I could do one story over again: I wouldn’t.

    What I’m looking forward to covering in the fall: the results of Calabrese’s run for the Illinois House of Representatives.

    I work here because: I love to write.

    The hardest story to write: every Illinois Student Senate meeting that talked about absolutely nothing important to the student body.

    Why I chose my beat: I don’t have one right now, but I stayed with Illinois Student Senate to cover the elections.