Greek column offers blinding irony

By Jack Kennedy

Paul Cruse’s “GDI-Gate a prank but not useless” (9/3/08) made for especially cringe-worthy reading Wednesday. The author’s scintillating and obstreperous tone aside, one cannot help but note the blinding irony in how he lambastes “Greeks” for their “stereotype parties” and then proceeds to immediately advance said stereotype. The relevant excerpt reads as follows: “‘Gangsta’ parties (where people dress up like African-Americans, wearing baggy jeans, do-rags and sport jerseys).”

Mr. Cruse would do well to observe that African-Americans do not dress uniformly, that his notion of “dressing up like” a particular race is outlandish and anachronistic at best, that his implicit link between “Gangsta” and “African-American” is invidious, and that this parochial naivety is obvious to anyone who so much as glanced at his article Wednesday. Either the author ignores his own column in the same fashion that the readership does or is so blinded by his ignorance to render him incapable of grasping how nauseating his inferences were. He ought to retract it.