Closed state parks need corporate sponsorship

By Andrea Antulov

For people with children, the retired and those who might have otherwise have canceled a family event, the camping provided at state parks is invaluable. Hikers, hunters and horsemen finally have a reason to speak with one voice.

Weldon Springs hosts school trips to its one-of-a-kind historic and nature library. Moraine View provides fishing and biking in full view of wind turbines. Both provide low cost camping about as close as Kickapoo. Also, both places generate income for nearby towns. Maybe concerts could be held during the summers and fall for REAL Chatauquas. We ALREADY pay an entry fee when we camp. Maybe not providing electricity would be the best cut before charging people to walk on THEIR land for an afternoon.

Whether the debt is Ryan’s or Blago’s, the cost of keeping parks open needs to be supplemented fast. These parks need corporate sponsorship that supports outdoor concert/food fundraisers. Write not only to the governor but to corporations like Cracker Barrel, Sierra Club, Cabelas and Schwinn.

There is also a great danger to unpatrolled parks; just because the sign says closed does not mean people will not dump, vandalize, hunt or burn. This is a matter of public safety. Contact representatives at .