Criticism in letter incorrect

By Esther Patt

James Phillips was incorrect when he stated in his September 29 letter that the notice to University employees about ethics rules only applies to what we do while on the job.

The specific objection stated in the Daily Illini editorial to which many employees also object is the University’s claim that the state law allows regulation of employees’ behavior even when we are not working on University time.

The most recent issue of Ethics Matters, the University’s newsletter on ethics law states: “Specific examples of things that are expressly prohibited include attending a rally on University property specific to a political candidate or party – regardless of whether or not you are on University time.”

I do not believe this is what state law requires. Rather, it is the interpretation of the University administration and employees are justifiably angry about it. What I do on a Sunday night is my business, not my employer’s.

Esther Patt

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    University Staff