R E S P E C T for women

By Lenny Van Driel

This is directed to the men of our great nation. It’s time for us to stand by our women and show them the R E S P E C T they deserve and have well earned.

When you look at your mom, wife, sister, girlfriend or the many other women around you, are they not your equal and in some cases your better? Besides being mothers, they are soldiers, sailors, marines, airmen, police, firemen, doctors, lawyers, governors, senators, congressmen, and yes, even Indian chiefs. So, why can’t a woman be a vice president and yes, one heart beat away from the presidency. It is my opinion she can stand up to that task as well.

I am 59 years old and have been married for 38 years, and when I look at my wife the mother of my two sons and grandmother of five, who has worked hard all her life not only taking care of us, but making a career for herself as a government employee where many leaders, mostly men, depend on her abilities, I see someone greater than I.

Me, I spent 21 years in the Army, volunteered for duty in Vietnam, went to college, worked for the Air Force, was an over the road truck driver, went back to work for the government, and recently worked part time at Bass Pro Shops. Serving and working in all these careers, I have met women who have stood up to the challenge alongside, and in many instances, as leader of me and my fellow men.

These women have my admiration as all women do. For those of you who don’t have that for Governor Sarah Palin, how can you look at any woman and say that you “R E S P E C T” them for who they are and what they can accomplish in life? That includes being vice president, and yes, even president of these United States!

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I remember when I was young and stupid, the word respect was used to get something from a girl because back then that was what they asked for, but those days are long gone.

The men of this country need to step up to the plate for our women and by voting for McCain/Palin you will have shown women that you do have respect for them in the true sense of the word.