Column misrepresents Macs

By Andrew Hackley

Whenever Mac fan boys tout Macs as the savior of the PC industry, I try to hold my tongue and respect their slanted opinion. Unfortunately, in his Oct. 1st article Paul totally missed the boat on what the “I’m a PC” commercials are trying to portray.

The new PC commercials are there to show the diversity of the PC. When you purchase a Mac you are buying into their ecosystem. That ecosystem may work smoothly, but it is an expensive one that forever binds you to Apple. If your computer crashes or you want to upgrade your computer, you have to go through Apple. On the other hand, if a PC dies, you can go online and choose a myriad of vendors who offer quality parts to quickly and inexpensively bring the PC back to life. You could say the PC ecosystem is one “without walls.”

Paul also indicated that Mac commercials give viewers a wealth of information. I’m not sure he’s seen any Mac commercials lately. They usually just make fun of PCs for non-existent flaws. In the few that do mention Mac features, they talk about the built-in web cam, a stable operating system, and that Macs can run Microsoft Office. Not only are these features dull, they are things one can find on any mainstream PC and hence make the Mac commercials entirely uninformative.

Finally, if Apple is truly innovative, why is Apple nearly the last major PC manufacturer without laptop colors? I certainly wouldn’t want my laptop to look just like the thousands of other dull white or black Macs floating around out there. I think I’ll stick with Dell or HP where I can fully customize what I want my laptop to say to the world. I’m a PC and I enjoy choice!

Andrew Hackley,

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    Senior in Computer Engineering