State Rep calls for Governor’s decision

By Naomi Jakobsson

I fully agree with your September 23 editorial regarding the governor’s lack of decision on the student trustee vote. It is unfortunate and disappointing that he has yet to make his selection of which student trustee will have the binding vote. Without that, the students from all three campuses have no voice on the Board of Trustees.

Following is a letter that I wrote to the governor asking him to make this appointment:

Dear Governor Blagojevich:

The Board of Trustees of the University of Illinois has among its membership three student trustees. They are elected one each from the three campuses, Chicago, Springfield and Urbana-Champaign. One is to be selected by you, the governor, to have the privilege of voting for the student body.

It is my understanding that you have not yet made the determination as to which is to be this year’s student trustee with the binding vote. Without having a vote from a student trustee, the students on all three campuses of the University of Illinois are without a voice on the Board of Trustees.

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    Please make your selection, if you haven’t done so within the past several days, and give the University of Illinois students their voice.

    Thank you.

    Naomi Jakobsson

    State Representative

    103rd District