Bars plan events for homecoming weekend

By Anahita Monga

Homecoming Week brings a lot of festivity and celebration with it and one of University students’ favorite activities is going to the bars on campus.

Well aware of that fact, bars are making plans to attract more student and alumni business.

“I want to go to Firehaus for sure because they play amazing music,” said Payal Bhatia, sophomore in Engineering.

She said she does not really expect anything special for homecoming but definitely wants great music.

Joe’s Brewery will have DJ Naughty playing music while they serve specials on Friday and Saturday night of homecoming weekend. They will have their regular $2 U-Call-It’s on any beer and any wells.

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    The main event during homecoming weekend is the home football game. Kam’s has planned an entire day revolving around the game. It will open at 8:00 a.m. and have a free shuttle to and from the stadium. It will also have the game on TV at the bar.

    To add to all this, Kam’s will also serve $3 Absolut and $2.50 drafts in special cups that have the Illinois football schedule on them.

    Kam’s is also the only bar that is having an alumni welcome-back party on Friday with a cookout. It will also offer its regular Friday night specials.

    Many alumni will be coming back homecoming weekend and going to the bars as well.

    “While we’re not doing anything special for the alumni, there are a lot of football alumni that come to Joe’s and we’re expecting them,” said Dan Gottschich, manager of Joe’s.

    Many students on campus may be expecting the bars to raise the cover homecoming weekend. However, many bar owners and managers said cover charges will be normal.