Pro-choice is pro-woman

By Stephanie Birch

In regards to Annie’s article, I pity her. I used to be like her because I used to believe that there is no cause or justification for abortion. I was once naive like her. That all changed when I was 16, and I was raped. Until that point in my life, I was against abortion, even in instances of rape or incest. Since then, I gave life to my son at age 18, and my son was a choice. As a scared freshman in my college dorm room my first semester of college, I considered abortion. I chose against it. However, I can honestly say that if I would have become pregnant with my son when I was raped, my son would not be here. Chances are, I would not be here. It is easy for a person who has not experienced rape to “choose life” in that instance.

People who are not victims believe that rape is a single, isolated event. Victims like me, the ones who suffer in ways that I do, relive and experience their attacks years later. Four years later, I am still haunted. I could not have endured a pregnancy…a forced pregnancy. For me, sex was not a choice. Rape is not about sex, it is about power. Abortion for victims is not about death, it is about reclaiming a life that was stolen. I cannot speak for all victims, but I am certain of what I would choose. Rape abortions may only make up for 7%, but whether abortion is legal, that 7% would still be finding ways (unsafe ways) to abort. It no longer becomes about pro-life or pro-choice when you take into consideration that women will abort…and without a doctor, will most likely die. Rape is only justifiable if the mother’s life is in danger? Well, rape put my life in danger. Pro-choice is pro-woman.

Stephanie Birch

Junior in FAA