Register to vote today

By Eric Preston

Today, Tuesday, October 7th, is the voter registration deadline for Illinois. Today is the deadline for having your voice heard this November. This is the deadline for making sure that our nation, state and local leaders know that you care. There are over 40,000 students that attend the University of Illinois; that is roughly equal to half the voter turnout of Champaign County four years ago.

If students register to vote by today and turn out to vote on Election Day our state leaders will know we care, and they will make sure that issues important to students are put on the agenda. If students vote, Lincoln Hall will receive the funding it needs to be redone; if students vote, Champaign City Council will realize they need to ask us if we want recycling; if students vote, our next President and Congress will know that they cannot bury us in thousands of dollars worth of debt without retaliation. Even though Illinois may not be a swing state in this year’s presidential election, there are still hundreds of races going on across the state that will affect students. Registration is easy, and forms can be printed off at or be completed on the quad today.

Eric Preston

President – College Democrats