White should get back to work

By Kevin Schoening

President White recently sent out an e-mail to U of I Faculty and Staff to indicate the “leadership” is standing up for our rights in response to the Ethics office e-mail about political activities. My response to President White is this …

President White,

You don’t seem to have a problem reneging on contractual labor agreements or accepting money from war profiteering political organizations! Maybe you should concern yourself with actual unethical matters going on at this university and leave the free speech posturing to the ACLU and the courts. I got your “Leadership” book from the CEO of the Alumni Association as a Christmas present a couple of years ago. After reading it, I found it readily apparent that you are certainly full of your own self interests so I am not buying your concern for our freedoms. As you can clearly see I can stand up for myself and my Constitutionally protected right to free speech. Get back to work!