How the candidates should address China

As a follow up to my letter published on October 10, 2008.

Sen. Obama accurately sees the problem of China as environmental sustainability and currency manipulation. If he becomes president, he should/could export high-end energy efficient technology to China in exchange for a revaluation of the Chinese Yuan. With a per head energy consumption of only about one-sixth of that of the U.S., China still has a long way to increase as she continues to prosper. With a population of 1.3 billion, China will deplete the global energy resources if she fails to develop more energy efficient measures. Interestingly China can help the U.S. to become more energy efficient by sharing her experience in developing mass transport such as waterways and railways. Revaluation of the Yuan can unleash the purchasing power of the middle class Chinese and alleviate the U.S. trade deficit.

If Sen. McCain becomes president, he should place more emphasis on trade relationship with China. China has not risen to the extent of threatening the U.S. militarily. Her rise is peaceful. The real threat to Asian stability comes from despotic regimes such as North Korea (and not from China). Giving China the impression that she is being encircled does little good to the U.S. Furthermore the Taiwan issue is a piece of dry wood which can be ignited by the slightest spark, destroying the entire forest of diplomacy. Helping to solve the Taiwan issue once and for all rather than maintaining the status quo is in the best long-term interest of the U.S.

Wing Ki Patricia Chung

Sophomore in LAS

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