Obama criticisms ignorant

By Dave Bates

I’m writing in reference to Dan Streib’s column, “Say No To Change Through Coercion” (10/17/08). Space limitations preclude me from fully enumerating every instance of Mr. Streib’s ignorance, but three points deserve special attention.

First, I find it inexplicable for a political columnist to assail Obama for being evasive about his goals and ambitions. Quick tip: take five minutes and visit obama.com. You’ll find all the answers you’re looking for, and have no fear-visiting Obama’s Web site doesn’t cause normal people to suddenly transform into Communists. (Shocking, I know.)

Second, Mr. Streib’s characterization of Obama rallies as dangerous, cult-like gatherings is odd, given that the rhetoric coming out of McCain-Palin rallies includes words like “Terrorist,” “Traitor,” “Kill him!” and “Off with his head!” Pot, meet kettle.

Finally, and most importantly, if Mr. Streib needs to be “coerced” into supporting a national vision based on economic equality, racial cooperation, and social harmony, I think he has some serious soul-searching to do-regardless of which candidate he chooses to support.