Vote Smucker for Champaign county board

By Thomas Betz

On November 4, thousands of U of I Students will vote and will elect Barack Obama as president. Many student voters will vote for president and U.S. senator and neglect the offices that impact their daily lives far more than the president. I have served on the Champaign County Board representing much of this campus since 1996.

Students are greatly impacted by county policies. Every time you flush your toilet you are involved in county government. The county board appoints the Urbana-Champaign Sanitary Board, which sets sewer rates and taxes that all student renters pay directly or indirectly. If you walk on a county nature trail at the forest preserve you are involved with the county board. The courts, jails and law enforcement are all funded through the county board. It is vitally important that students in District 8 not just guess about who to vote for. Samuel Jay Smucker is the Democratic nominee. He has regularly attended board meetings and has in depth knowledge about the issues and workings of county govenment. The Republicans did not field a candidate. Smucker is the only qualified candidate running in District 8. When you vote for Obama don’t forget to vote for Smucker as well.