Ghosts stories thrive on campus

By Lauren Laws

Nearly everyone has heard at least one myth or ghost story concerning the University. But what’s the truth?

English Building

There are quite a few stories for this supposed haunting. In the early 1900s, the English Building used to be a women’s dorm.

One tale describes a woman who went swimming in the pool downstairs (now known as the Atrium) and accidentally drowned.

There is another story of a woman who had an affair with her roommate’s boyfriend and became pregnant.

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Not wanting to tell her roommate, she committed suicide.

Yet some students swear that they have experienced a presence in the building.

“We were in the top floor bathroom with a voice recorder,” said Ashley Klingler, senior in FAA. “When we reviewed it later, it sounded like (someone said), ‘Get out. Get out of here.'”

Klingler said that the janitors have also reported strange happenings.

“The janitors call her Clarabell,” she said. “There was one incident where on his break, a janitor’s cart moved. He said, ‘Clarabell, stop,’ and the cart stopped.”

Even though many have reported paranormal activity, Chris Prom of University Archives said that there isn’t any evidence of a suicide or death occurring in the building.

Harding Band Building

One of the more unknown campus haunts, the ghosts of the Harding Band Building is common knowledge for the members of the band department.

“There’s this one guy who used to smoke a pipe in the elevator,” said Jeff McManus, junior in FAA. “Some students say they smell pipe smoke in the elevator.”

Students have also reported hearing doors slamming long after closing hours.

“One of the band directors heard the doors closing,” McManus said. “A lot were open and they all started closing in a row.

“There was no one else there.”

Lincoln Hall

Very little information is known on the ghost of Lincoln Hall.

According to, the ghost is said to often be seen peering out of the third floor windows down onto Wright Street.

“People on Wright Street look up and see a young girl looking down,” said Klingler. “She looks sad.”

Some say that the girl is the ghost of a teaching assistant.

“One sister said that someone jumped out of the window,” said Caroline Pahl, freshman in Media.

Pahl’s sorority is across the street from Lincoln Hall and allows the sisters to see into the third floor windows.

Prom said that while there is plenty of speculation on the Lincoln Hall ghost, there isn’t any tangible evidence to support the claim.