Don’t forget about Chief victims

By Ryan Brokamp of Champaign

I noticed a story published on October 29, 2008 regarding the return of the Chief on November 15. It should first be pointed out the details of the event seem to promote it to students as well as the general public.

The Registered Student Organization and the individuals involved know they are reopening a can of worms by staging this. The University retired the Chief in response to the NCAA’s policy on mascots of this sort. Both the NCAA and the University have decided that the Chief is a disrespectful symbol, and should no longer be affiliated with Illinois.

Why must we continue to challenge this ruling? There are victims here, and we seem to have forgotten about them entirely. To continue to push this as an issue is simply ignorant and childish.

I will personally boycott the November 15 event and am considering staging a protest to raise awareness of the victims the Chief (and its proponents) have created. I propose that the “Daily Illini” do the right thing here. At the very least, I hope we can shed some light on the other perspective of this issue.