Vote Green Party today

By Tom Abram

This year, the Green Party candidates for Champaign County Board received major endorsements and support from several organizations.

Although the local AFL-CIO does not make endorsements in county races, they have provided resources to Walter Pituc (District 7), Joe Futrelle (District 8), and Mike Lehman (District 9). No other candidates in these races received support from the AFL-CIO. The local AFSCME endorsed Futrelle and Lehman, issuing no endorsements in District 7. The News-Gazette recently endorsed Futrelle.

In addition to organizational endorsements and support, these candidates have raised support and interest from the thousands of voters they and their volunteers have reached. They are knowledgeable on the issues, qualified for the positions, and would work hard to improve our county government. The past performance of Green candidates in these districts indicates there is a real chance at electing strong candidates independent from the two major parties, which would be very beneficial to the citizens of Champaign County. Futrelle, Lehman and Pituc would work for a clean and sustainable environment, a fiscally stable public nursing home, and an accountable and transparent county government. I urge voters to look into the candidates, read through the entire ballot and make an educated choice on November 4th.

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