Thanks for tax hike awareness

I would like to thank the Daily Illini from the bottom of my heart for running Katie Dunne’s article to defeat the sales tax. I am president of the MMA club Goshin Jitsu here on campus and will be staying here an additional 2 years here for my CPA. This tax unfairly targets all students, alumni, and prospective students that come to our campus. We already have to deal with rising tuition and book prices, and this sales tax signals another attack by a local government that sees us a taxable income. Well, we as students repelled this sneak attack by the narrowest of margins. 300 people were the difference. That’s half of Foelinger auditorium. The students said we will not be unjustly charged and our voices were heard. Thank you Daily Illini for raising awareness to this issue.

Alain Sothikhoun

junior in Business