Ayers discredited

Bill Ayers’ radical terrorist organization, the Weather Underground, did much more than just “set off bombs at the U.S. Capitol and Pentagon,” as the Daily Illini’s editorial stated. Ayers invoked terror not just on government buildings in protest of public policy, but also on innocent civilians in the streets of New York City, Chicago, and elsewhere.

The Weather Underground has repeatedly defended its actions with the claim that it planned its acts so that no one would be injured. How considerate of them, never mind the three Weathermen who died while making bombs to blow up Greenwich Village, or New York Supreme Court Justice Murtagh who woke up to bombs being thrown at his home for presiding over a Black Panthers trial.

Ayers has truly made tremendous strides in educational research, and it’s unfortunate for him that his work is automatically discredited because he is a criminal. Fittingly, he’s now laying in the bed he made … he’s lucky that bed is in Hyde Park and not in prison.

Lynne McMillan

senior in Business