Holiday gift ideas for your loved one

By Rachel Rubin

The holiday season is just the right time to pull out all the stops to make your sweetheart swoon. Whether you’re part of a budding romance, a long-term relationship, or recent engagement, the rules are the same when shopping for gifts for your significant other.

An important thing to remember when buying a gift is to make it have significance and show that you know the person. Listen carefully and use past conversations as a hint to the person’s interests.

Men, maybe someone in your life has given you the advice that if an item is warm and cuddly, smells good, is made of chocolate or qualifies as jewelry, it’s a go for your girl. Although this can be true, consider flowers and chocolate as accent gifts for Christmas. Make sure your gift is something that lasts. Presents like lotion gift baskets or anything engraved is also a good choice.

For women, it’s a general rule that if it has to do with sports or eating then it is a great gift. Men will always appreciate cookies as their accent gift. Ties, belts, and overpriced cologne are overdone and should be left for when you really know his personal taste.

Rhonda Lash, general manager for Macy’s at Market Place Mall says it’s all about keeping warm and toasty this year.

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“We recommend sweaters for men and women. With the economy issue this year, people are focused on getting value and use out of their money,” Lash said.

It’s generally a good idea to steer clear on both sides from hygiene products, exercise equipment or makeup for women.

If you’d really like to be creative this year, don’t forget about the gift of experience. A nice dinner and concert tickets or a Broadway show, for example.

Time together is the best gift you can possibly give.

“Stay clear of a photo album of you and your future children,” said Sara Cohen, sophomore in Business. “Concert tickets or sporting event tickets always seem to work.”

No matter what your gift is, don’t forget to wrap it yourself. It’s the little imperfections that shows your effort.