Obama doing what he said he would

By Ryan Young

Having been a strong supporter of Barack Obama this election, sometimes I wonder if it’d be easier on my sanity had John McCain won.

First off, to anyone surprised at the Robert Gates choice – or most in general – he made it clear he’d highly consider it many times over the campaign; anyone halfway familiar with his views and positions would be completely unsurprised with his appointments. Also, he has yet to break a single campaign promise yet people are unclear to the irony that they’re upset he’s actually holding his promises; they thought he was saying it for show and didn’t think what the man actually envisioned.

Yes, folks, he’s doing what he said he would for the last two years, google it. He is in fact a centrist/center-left politician overall.

Shocked? You shouldn’t be.

Now let me be clear, I truly dislike Hillary Clinton. That said, this whole paranoia about her must cease and desist immediately. She isn’t Machiavellian, trying to find ways to subterfuge her President and create a shadow government within the State Department, and she isn’t vying to relive the primaries in 2012. Get over yourselves already, pundits and peons alike.

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One final note: saying “where’s the change” or “this isn’t the change I voted for” needs to die in a fire. Please folks, do tell me: what exactly was this “change” you sought? What was the “change” he was offering very clearly for at least last four years (yes, four)? Let’s not crucify the man because you projected your vision onto him unfairly and later found out that his views weren’t exactly yours.

Republicans and I can both agree for once: this will be a long four years indeed.