Government should bail out the little guy

By Nicole Bowman

With unemployment hitting a record high in the past several months, I am finding it harder and harder to turn on the news and see what is bound to happen next. Job losses are continuing and home foreclosures are being put on hold to give people the holidays, before they continue in the new year. But one thing is for certain, this is the worst economic straight that I have ever lived through.

Granted I am only 21, but in the last year I have seen my mom lose two jobs because the real estate market went down the tubes, and now my house may see the third job loss, with my real father losing his job within the copper mining industry. Thus I ask, what is next, is it possible that we stopped using all of those things that were so valuable a year ago. Could the market have shrunk that much in a year. To me the answer is no, the market didn’t shrink, rather the ability to supply stayed steady and the demand has shrunk.

So President Elect Obama, and all other politicians who have the opportunity to see the unemployment in your state rise, ask yourselves. “Is it fair to bail out the banks and the auto industry, well at the same time leave the little man to his own devises on how to make ends meet?” How about bailing out the little guy, because trickling down isn’t going so well for you.