Adulation of President Obama is too early

By Joe Bialek

In the 25 or so years that I have been following politics in the United States, I have never seen media coverage of an individual (Obama) that borders on promoting a “cult of personality.”

It never fails to amaze me how foolishly we elect the leaders of this country.

We end up electing someone with virtually no experience in government to lead us out of the worst financial disaster in our country’s history.

Keep in mind that this disaster has not yet run its full course.

Still the media paint a picture of President Obama as a great savior before he has even executed one of his duly sworn duties.

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    He has not merited the consideration of greatness bestowed on past presidents because he hasn’t even completed one month in office not to mention a full term.

    In addition to the media’s cultic adulation of President Obama is this pre-occupation with the election of the first black-American president. President Obama is not an African-American any more than I’m a Polish-American or Irish-American (nee Moran).

    He is a black-American who happens to have African heritage as I am a white-American who happens to have Polish and Irish heritage.

    As for the election, Donald Duck could have beaten the Republican nominee so to suggest that America has made a cultural shift towards better race relations by electing the first black-American president is making an error in logic referred to as a faulty cause.

    If the economy was strong and foreign policy not such a mess, would the election have turned out differently?

    We will never know.

    The only thing certain now is that President Obama is “on-the-clock” and time waits for no one.

    Joe Bialek

    Cleveland, Ohio