Champaign’s nightlife causes problems in nearby apartments

Wesley Fane The Daily Illini Sean Hostert, junior in Business, stands on the balcony of his apartment above Big Mouths in Champaign on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009.

Wesley Fane The Daily Illini Sean Hostert, junior in Business, stands on the balcony of his apartment above Big Mouth’s in Champaign on Tuesday, Feb. 3, 2009.

By Lauren Laws

Every weekend people stand in lines outside of Marc Zande’s and Mike Andreoni’s apartment complex at 306 « E. Green St., waiting to enter.

However, it’s not the apartments the people want to enter. Zande and Andreoni’s downstairs neighbor, FuBar Lounge, is what’s causing the commotion.

This apartment complex is one of many located above businesses on Green Street, and like Zande and Andreoni’s, these apartments have become popular because of their locations.

“They’ve always been rented,” said Dustin Neiswender, office manager of Roland Realty, the management company for the apartments above FuBar Lounge. “The closer to the Quad they are, the more popular it becomes.”

However, with an apartment complex built over such a loud environment, some may wonder why one would want to live there.

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“When the building was constructed in the mid-1980s, there was a bar downstairs,” Neiswender said. “There’s sound dampening between the first and second floor. We wouldn’t be able to rent consistently if it was noisy.”

Zande agreed that while the music doesn’t completely come through the floors, they can still hear the bass.

“It doesn’t bother us,” Zande said. “(On) the weekends, it makes the place more enjoyable. There’s always music playing.”

However, at Lando Place Apartments above T.I.S. College Bookstore, 707 S. Sixth St., Champaign, music can be an issue.

“The first eight weeks of school I almost died because it was so unbelievably loud,” said Esther Povitsky, junior in Media. “My window is right across from Firehaus and there’s music during the week. It’s painful.”

Povitsky said she was going home on the weekends almost just for sleep.

“You either go to sleep at 8 p.m. to sleep through the noise or after 2:30 or 3 a.m. when it quiets down,” Povitsky said.

Yet some don’t have a problem living with occasional late-night music.

“My bed is above one of (Big Mouth’s) speakers for their music system,” said Sean Hostert, junior in Business. “It’s kind of noisy.”

Hostert’s apartment at 408 E. Green St. sits just above Big Mouth’s. Hostert said the restaurant can sometimes be handy.

“I don’t usually eat there, but it’s nice if you want it,” Hostert said. “You just call and say, ‘I’ll be down in two seconds.”

With his balcony and window facing Green Street, Hostert experiences the unique atmosphere of Green Street.

“It’s always lively,” Hostert said. “There’s always something outside and people walking by.”

At FuBar Lounge, though, the customers can cause problems.

“Some nights after the bar closes there are people out in the parking lots,” Andreoni said. “It gets obnoxious.”

Zande added that people sometimes urinate or vomit on or near the stairs that lead to the apartment complex, and that people have been known to accidentally venture upstairs.

“We have our door unlocked a lot because we have friends across the hall,” Zande said.

The two of them explained that one time, two random drunk people just walked into their apartment. Andreoni added that one was about to urinate on their kitchen floor before the roommates kicked them out.

“There’s a lot of drunk people on your front lawn,” Andreoni said. “And when your front lawn is made of stones, it is not an ideal situation.”

No matter the issues, every apartment has its perks.

“Getting books is never a pain and I never have to go everywhere,” Povitsky said. “I personally don’t go out but when I do, I don’t need a coat. I walk across the street to Firehaus.”

Hostert said that when looking for apartments, people should speak to the former tenants concerning noise problems.

“It’s definitely give and take but it’s been worth it for me,” Hostert said.