Students should vote ‘no’ on increased fees

By Dave Olsen

On March 3 and 4, the students will get to vote on a $12 transportation fee increase. This increase would fund new and “expanded” bus service to campus.

The ill-timed and unnecessary proposal should and must be defeated.

In case the MTD and University have forgotten, we are currently embroiled in the worst economic downturn of recent history, and maybe the worst since the Great Depression.

While many students are insulated from this grave economic climate, more and more effects are being felt on campus.

When a parent loses a job, there are fewer options for campus and summer jobs, and post-graduation job prospects are weak, college students are affected.

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In this environment, the University should be doing everything it can to reduce the cost of education.

Tuition and fees should be held steady or reduced, not increased as the University and MTD want to do.

The University already has adequate bus service to campus. With the current bus routes, students can traverse campus quickly and easily.

Looking at the proposed reroutes in Friday’s Daily Illini, this increase in fees will amount to a reduction of service to campus.

Another goal of this fee increase is to provide 22 Illini service to the Capstone Quarters Condominiums.

This would undoubtedly be convenient for the students who live there.

However, the area is already served by the 13 and 130 Silver routes.

It should not be the responsibility of all students to pay for increased bus service to benefit just a few.

Throughout my four semesters on campus, the MTD has provided great service.

For the reasonable fee charged, students can go anywhere on campus and most places in the community.

In this troubled time, there is no reason to impose another burden on already financially strained students and families.