$12 will be worth it

In the recent article, “Student senate supports MTD plan,” which was published on Friday, Feb. 20, it explains a possible plan to expand the MTD services to students on campus. This is something this campus desperately needs. Many students are left out of the bus route because they do not live within the already set routes.

The $12 increase in the transfer fee would be a small cost considering the already high priced fees and tuition that students already pay.

The article also mentions that we are in a recession so the extra cost may be out of the question.

The article includes the faculty and explains how they are becoming worried about the price of their parking spots increasing so they are not concerned with the increased service.

Unfortunately, students who do not have the opportunity to buy a spot must walk or search for a parking spot which is not easy.

The plan would be a major benefit to the students and make it easier for them to get back and forth to class.

Recession or not, $12 is definitely worth it.