Try creating theme for next party to add fun, creativity

Night after night, people all across campus throw parties, whether it be in their apartment or residence hall. All of these parties can tend to get repetitive, so some use themes to spice up their parties.

Themes allow students to get together and show off their creativity. At these events, the crazier the outfit, the drinks and the props, the better. Students can even decorate the spaces where parties are held and serve cocktails to go with the occasion.

“(Theme parties) are fun and it sparks creativity,” said Emily Bozek, junior in LAS.

Bozek said one memorable party that she attended was sports-themed. At these events, guests can dress as players of their favorite sports team or even take over as a referee. Bozek also attended a Mardi Gras-themed party where each person wore a decorative mask.

But theme parties do not always have to include complicated or expensive costumes. Toga parties are popular with students because they require only something every student is bound to have — a bedsheet.

“It’s fun because you just take a sheet and people can do so many things with it,” said Zoe Dilles, junior in LAS.

Party hosts can even take it further by implementing an Ancient Greece theme at their toga party. This could include wearing gold shoes or headpieces, and concocting drinks with names of Greek gods. The more creative the drink options, the better.

Theme parties can also be a couple’s affair. One such theme is famous couples, in which people come to the party dressed as their favorite pair, past or present. Dilles enjoys the famous couple’s theme because “you can get silly with that.”

However, it is important to remember that theme parties are all about thinking outside the box. Got a group of three? Why not show up as rock, paper, and scissors?

With the popularity of films like Pirates of the Caribbean, pirate theme parties celebrating the seven seas are also a popular option for students on campus.

Sarah Quirk, sophomore in business, was initially skeptical when invited to a recent pirate-themed bash.

“It sounded really stupid and was hard to dress for but everyone went all out,” Quirk said.

Ways to spice up a pirate-themed party include plastic swords, smeared eyeliner and of course, a classic pirate accent.