Shop smart in Champaign – For you friend

As the holiday season quickly approaches, store employees and students on campus start to think about the excitement of gift-giving.

“I get antsy and want to give my gifts (to my friends) right away,” said Sam Harker, employee at Urban Outfitter’s and senior in AHS. “I love to holiday shop–it’s exciting when they open their gift.”

Other students at the University reiterate similar thoughts on gift-giving. Daniel Gilpin, sophomore in Business, said the most exciting part of the holiday is seeing his friends’ faces when they open their present.

The price of the perfect present can be an issue for the college student who looks for pennies underneath couch cushions.

“Usually, if it’s something they would like and not outrageously expensive, then I would get it for them,” Gilpin said.

Some students set price limits for themselves to make it more affordable and easier to shop.

Harker said she thinks about shopping early, but likes to see what stores get in before she purchases any gift items for friends. She said her price range for gifts would be from $15-$20 because she has a lot of friends and is still in college and cannot afford to spend too much money on a single friend.

Kim Gruezo, sales associate at Pitaya and senior in LAS, gives herself a price range between $25-$30.

“My price range really depends on where I get it (the gift),” Gruezo said.

Some students said they cannot help but spend more than their budgeted limit to get the perfect present for someone.

“If it (the gift) is really good, you can always justify the price,” said Megan Silas, sophomore in Engineering.

If it is something that she really likes as a present, then she will be able to justify getting it for someone else.

Carlos Valadez, cashier at T.I.S. Bookstore and sophomore in LAS, concentrates on getting a friend something he likes, rather than focusing all of his efforts in making it within his price range.

“If it’s something that I think he really likes, there’s really no price-range,” he said.