Students get in the spirit for the holidays

With the dropping of temperatures, fall will soon be coming to an end. What can students do to get themselves in that winter mood?

Ali Sunseri, freshman in FAA, said that the number one thing that gets her in the mood for winter is being cozy.

“I like watching movies with blankets,” Sunseri said. “Usually being cold sort of sets the tone because that gets me really in the mood for the season.

The cold weather makes for a lot of indoor relaxation,” she said.

“I like to hibernate,” Sunseri joked.

She has some favorite TV specials that she enjoys watching every year.

“I always watch the TV specials on ABC Family, like the Claymation ones,” Sunseri said. “And I always watch ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’ with my family.”

Among other things, Christmas trees and Christmas lights all get Sunseri in a winter mood. In fact, Sunseri’s room is already decked out in Christmas lights.

“I’m really into Christmas lights,” she said. “They’re all over my room.”

Sunseri said she plans to make good use of the snow.

“I can’t wait to have a snowball fight,” she said.

Katie Goldhagen, freshman in Media, said that she is very excited for winter.

“The snow is really pretty when you don’t have to walk to class in it,” Goldhagen said.

When she thinks of winter television, the “Charlie Brown Christmas Special” is always the first thing that comes to mind, she said.

“I also like the Jonathan Taylor Thomas movie ‘Home For the Holidays,’” Goldhagen said. “It’s never on, it’s on like twice per year and I love that movie.”

Goldhagen said she likes to watch a variety of holiday movies and TV specials.

“‘Home Alone’ is super cool, and ‘Santa Clause’ with Tim Allen,” Goldhagen said. “Anything from the 90’s you’re guaranteed to enjoy – it’s no fail.”

Another thing she said she enjoys about the season are the comfortable clothes that accompany it.

“Thermal shirts, those are awesome all the time,” Goldhagen said.

Goldhagen said sledding, drinking hot chocolate and sitting around a fire all get her in the mood for the season.

Tim Janeway, sophomore in LAS, said he likes to watch some of his favorite winter movies to prepare for the holiday season.

“I make sure I always watch ‘Jingle All The Way’ – it’s an Arnold Schwarzenegger Christmas movie from a long time ago,” said Janeway. “I also usually watch the ‘Charlie Brown Christmas special.’”

Sipping on something hot after coming in from the cold makes it feel like winter has arrived, he said. He added that something else he looks forward to every year is the red winter-themed cups from Starbucks.

“Once Thanksgiving happens, then I really start thinking about winter,” Janeway said. “I get excited about watching football, and Christmas trees.”