D is for Decorating

Every summer, the advertisements begin. They show everything from shoe organizers to put in your closest to the coolest comforter to put on your bed to the most popular posters to hang on your walls. Stores have just about everything you can imagine to decorate your dorm room or apartment. Having so many choices can be overwhelming, so here’s a list of the top 10 things every dorm room or apartment should have:

1. Dry erase board

Your friends can leave you fun notes when you are off at class or you can use it to write yourself a reminder of when the next test is.

2. Cool comforter

You can show a lot of your personality through your bedding. Do you enjoy the beach bum feel or the urban feel? Are you more of a bright colors person or light pastels? Not only do you get to express yourself, but comforters also keep you warms during these cold winters.

3. Pictures of friends

These are always a must. They can give you a little hint of home or show off some of the memories you’ve made at college. The fun part is you can change them in and out as the semester goes on.

4. Posters

You can’t have a college room without a few posters. Check out the poster sale at the Illini Union at the beginning of every semester. They’ve got every poster you can imagine.

5. Shelves

While this is more a practical item, it’s definitely a must. Those textbooks have to go somewhere.

6. Christmas lights

These little decorations don’t always have to be put up at Christmas. They give the cream-colored dorm rooms a little softer feel, and they add a little festiveness around the holidays.

7. Mini fridge

This isn’t quite a decoration, but it’s always good to have in your room. If you’re in an apartment, your realtor will provide you with a full size one, but if you’re in the dorm, it’s always nice to have. You can stock up on your favorite Late Night snacks, especially those ever-delicious smoothies.

8. TV

Entertainment systems are always a must. You just can’t miss the newest episode of Jersey Shore, and the way you have it set up can add a little organization.

9. Lamps

Stores now have about every type of lamp there is. They have simple desk lamps, lamps that clip on to something, lamps that have five lights coming off of them. You can pick and choose which one bests suits your tastes.

10. Curtains

This addition can either cover your windows or act as a door. If your closet door is broken, leave it open and drape a curtain in front. It will hide the stuff in your closet but look a lot prettier than a broken door.

Marguerite Day is a senior in Media.