Be a fan; support the Illini through wins and losses

As a student and basketball enthusiast at the University of Illinois, I have come to realize a few distasteful behaviors represented on campus by our very own self-proposed Illini basketball “fans”. After attending over 90 percent of the games thus far, it has come to my attention that a certain attitude has been developed in a number of impolite basketball followers, or as some may call them, fair-weather fans. This letter is not to take away from the fairly large group of Illinois loyalty, but after several encounters, I feel it is finally time to address the way the University of Illinois athletes are treated.

After Men’s Illinois basketball losses, I can recall reading fans vulgar and offensive comments on many of the players’ personal Facebook and Twitter pages. While I fully promote freedom of speech, I find it laughable that these are the same people who will turn around and praise the players after a big win. Following the win over Michigan State, our campus was in an uproar and everyone wanted to be the players’ best friends. Can you honestly say you would have stood by them after the loss at Northwestern? For a few, the answer will be yes, but for others a resounding no.

Although I am not saying I have a PhD in Basketball, I know enough to recognize that it is not adequate behavior to treat these players as some do. Stand up and be proud of the team you were cheering so hard for only forty minutes before the defeat.

As March Madness approaches, and our tournament appearance lies upon some big games coming up, be supportive.

The history of the team should be significant to fan loyalty as well.

As they continue to show their dedication, we should continue to stand by ours. Go Illini!

Deena Fagiano,

junior in LAS