Opinion columnist Tim Knudsen shares insight about election

…pressure your friends to step in as well.

It’s not 2008 anymore. Students aren’t lining up to vote for “change.”

A recent statistic from Rock the Vote shows that only 280,000 young voters completed registration in its midterm election voter drive. This is compared to 2.5 million signing up to vote in 2008.

I am sure you gasped loudly when you read this statistic. If you are in a public place, people may now be staring at you.

Don’t let this bother you, let it inspire you — and remind them to vote.

This year’s midterm elections are critical for your future.

Within the terms of the senator and governor that are to be elected, you will most likely be making the shift from college kid to grown-ups. Topics like jobs, taxes and insurance are going to become all the more important to you.

Voting doesn’t only make you more American, it also gives you an influence on how these topics are to be approached.

Bring your previously registered friends with you to vote to increase your age group’s influence.

Democracy gives us students the same political influence that our parents have. Use it or lose it.

Tim Knudsen

Opinions columnist