Student Senate wraps up year with talk of school exposure and Quad Day

The Illinois Student Senate gathered for its last general meeting of the academic year Wednesday, attempting to pass the final items on the senate’s agenda prior to finals week and summer vacation.

Items voted on for action included, but were not limited to, resolutions on University outreach and Quad Day activities.

The resolution in favor of an increase of University outreach passed. The resolution calls for University administration to review their marketing outreach programs and find new ways to bring in more international students from nations underrepresented on campus.

Jim Maskeri, student senator, said further work in the Academic Affairs Committee prepared the item for a vote. The resolution passed on its third attempt; the resolution had been referred back to committee each week for two weeks after some senators found problems in the language of the writing.

Ramy Cohen, student senator in engineering, said the revised resolution answered any lingering questions senators may have had. However, discussion on the item continued.

Some people claimed the item as unnecessary, as the University didn’t have problems with attracting international students, said Ryan Janski, former student senator and chair of the Ad Hoc Alumni Relations Committee.

Janski said that the University of Michigan had an enrollment of 5,282 international students in the fall of 2009, according to their website. He said the University may be doing a better job attracting international students than Cohen claims; according to the resolution, U of I attracted 6,562 international students for the Fall 2009 enrollment.

Furthermore, others added that an increase in advertising would mean more costs to a school suffering from debt. Peter Hughes, student senator in engineering, said making “product placements of the University” is pointless as the University is a highly-ranked research institution and students will come regardless of mass media exposure.

Among the other items in the agenda were fund allocations for Quad Day. The allocations were approved; ISS will spend ­­­$5,216 on Quad Day items and activities. Helen Celewicz, student senator in LAS and chair of the Public Relations Committee, said spending money on fun items and activities for the students will help spread the word about ISS and paint a better picture of the student government body.

Items considered include keychains with the ISS logo, pens and a dunk tank.

The final ISS meeting of the semester included three resolutions for action and four fund allocation requests. The first meeting of the fall semester will be Aug. 24.