Kappa Phi Lambda hosts discussion on stereotyping

In response to a YouTube video chastising Asians uploaded only days after the first earthquake struck, Asian-interest sorority Kappa Phi Lambda, or KPL, will hold a discussion Tuesday night in Urbana.

The discussion will focus on the effects of the video as well as how racism and stereotypes can be combatted.

Cara Chuang, co-cultural chair of KPL and sophomore in Engineering, said the discussion will enable students to learn about the inaccuracies of stereotypes. She said she also hopes they will be empowered to correct such inaccuracies.

“We’re going to discuss how (the release of the video) impacted the University of California-Los Angeles community (where the video creator was enrolled) in particular and how students reacted to it,” Chuang said. “If there are negative stereotypes on campuses, we’re going to talk about how we can maybe change that on our own campus here.”

Lorraine Pang, vice president of KPL and senior in LAS, said the sorority chose this topic because of the impact left on the Asian American community that they want to address.

“The purpose of this discussion is to educate students (about) the consequences of (Alexandra) Wallace’s statements, Asian American stereotypes and what can be done to reduce their negative implications,” Pang said.

KPL is also hosting this event because one of the pillars of the organization is cultural diversity.

Chuang said they hope to educate students about issues such as these to prevent them from happening on campus.

The discussion will be facilitated by Kenneth Importante, assistant director of the center. Importante was on the UCLA campus at the time of this issue and will speak firsthand about the reaction of the UCLA community.

The event will begin at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday and will take place at the Asian American Cultural Center, 1210 West Nevada St.