OUR PREDICTIONS: Picks for week 6

h2. No. 19 Illinois at Indiana


_Illinois 38, Indiana 14_

Bowling baby.

*Turkin: (16-9)*

_Illinois 42, Indiana 17_

Bowl Game? Bowl Game? No Ron Zook bowl game rant this year, they are heading to a bowl game.

*Souligne: (19-6)*

_Illinois 56, Indiana 12_

The Illini have played some close games in recent weeks. This one? Not so much.

*Voit: (18-7)*

_Illinois 31, Indiana 16_

Indiana’s 112th-place run defense can’t contain anyone right now.

h2. No. 3 Oklahoma at No. 11 Texas


_Oklahoma 24, Texas 17_

Landry Jones isn’t bad.


_Oklahoma 30, Texas 17_

Boomer Sooner in the Red River Rivalry.


_Oklahoma 21, Texas 17_

This is one of the best rivalries in college football, and I’d hate to see it blown up by realignment.


_Oklahoma 27, Texas 21_

Few could go into DKR and come out without breaking a sweat; Landry Jones is one of them.

h2. No. 12 Michigan at Northwestern


_Northwestern 20, Michigan 17_

Persa makes a statement.


_Michigan 38, Northwestern 27_

That Nov. 12 game has the potential to be special.


_Northwestern 35, Michigan 34_

Dan Persa plays like a man among children, and he’s going to will his team to victory over the Wolverines.


_Northwestern 34, Michigan 32_

I’d hate to find myself between a frustrated Dan Persa and a 3-2 record. NU exploits Michigan’s secondary in a shootout.

h2. Ohio State at No. 14 Nebraska


_Nebraska 31, Ohio State 20_

The Revenge of Bo Pelini, starring Taylor Martinez.


_Nebraska 27, Ohio State 24_

The Huskers win their first Big Ten game in Lincoln.


_Nebraska 28, Ohio State 10_

Nebraska is going to be so angry after last week’s beatdown, I almost feel bad for Ohio State … almost.


_Nebraska 24, Ohio State 13_

Nebraska snaps back into place at home against an Ohio State squad stunned by the extended absence of Dan Herron and DeVier Posey.

h2. Minnesota at Purdue


_Purdue 24, Minnesota 10_



_Purdue 21, Minnesota 7_

Purdue will take this Big Ten basement battle.


_Purdue 3, Minnesota 0_

Why should I care? Purdue wins in a laughter, as in “It’s funny how bad both of these teams are.”


_Minnesota 24, Purdue 21_

This game could go any one of 10,000 ways, but count on Minnesota’s speed to prevail.