Exciting week for new editor-in-chief

What a week.

In the past eight days: a new president, a women’s basketball coach and a men’s basketball coach have all been announced. All of this happened during my debut week as editor-in-chief of The Daily Illini.

It’s been only eight days, and it’s already been an experience I never could have predicted.

I will be honest, I had no intention of becoming any sort of editor at any publication because I have always enjoyed the thrill of reporting, interviewing and writing. I never thought I was cut out to sit behind a desk and critique others’ writing.

Just weeks after stepping onto campus, I became a sports reporter and just months later an assistant sports editor. Slowly, I gained more responsibility. Over the past three years, I have held more positions than I ever thought possible, but now I oversee them all.

To quote the film “Spider-man,” “With great power comes great responsibility.” As an avid movie fan, I believe this statement to be at the core of my job description.

Not only is it my responsibility to manage the entire DI staff but also to ensure complete coverage on campus. No matter where you read, hear or see our stories, all that matters is that it is relevant to you, our readers.

Students are now playing a larger role in the success of Illini Media Company, and I see that as an absolute positive. We are now more than ever accountable for producing the best coverage possible.

In a world that now moves so quickly because of social media, we can all have an even better relationship: Write a letter to the editor, send us story ideas, communicate with everyone on my staff through Facebook or Twitter. We want to hear your voice to further ensure the quality of our product.

Reach out to us in any medium you wish, and I assure you there will be someone on the other end listening.

After surviving the last several days, I am even more certain that my staff will be able to handle whatever is thrown at us. So please, join me in what is sure to be an unpredictable and adventurous roller-coaster ride.

_Samantha is a junior in Media_.