To get your kitchen to fit your lifestyle, consider these ideas from the Whirlpool Institute of Kitchen Science and Stephen Saint-Onge, celebrity family-focused lifestyle expert and Designer Dad.

(NAPSI)—Designing a kitchen that embraces functionality and style may be simpler than you think. With 100 years of experience, the experts at the Whirlpool Institute of Kitchen Science——know a thing or two about sprucing up your kitchen.

An informational hub about everything kitchen, Whirlpool’s experts have partnered with lifestyle expert and Designer Dad Stephen Saint-Onge to offer the following:

• Redesign your appliances: Appliances are built to offer the functions you want and need. French door refrigerators with bottom-mount freezers offer plenty of space to store all your favorite foods; dishwashers can keep quiet while cleaning dishes. Use the refrigerator’s spaciousness to save time. For example, you can make prepping salads and side items quick and easy. Don’t just put the produce away after grocery shopping. Rinse and prep all vegetables and fruits and store them in clear, airtight containers so getting them takes virtually no time.

• Change it up: Tastes and trends change but renovating the kitchen to change with them is a little trickier. You can still add a little flavor to the area with colorful small appliances and accents. Install a few floating shelves or specialty hooks to display decorative plates that can easily be switched out for new styles. To change things even more, you can use backsplashes to add character or a fresh coat of paint to transform the room. Chalkboards are also a fun, trendy way to add to any kitchen. Use them to keep track of your shopping list, weekly menu or favorite wines. Counterscaping can also make a big difference. Decluttering and restyling what’s on the countertops goes a long way for an easy upgrade. “I am always changing things around in my house,” Saint-Onge said. “It keeps the visuals of what you see every day fresh and new.”

• Every space needs a little mise en place: It’s the philosophy of French culinary experts. When cooking, put everything you’ll need in its place. Measure out ingredients, preheat the oven and prep as much as possible before getting started. Keep olives, lemons and limes in stock. Keep cooking utensils, oils and spices close to the range, where you’ll likely need them. Organize cupboards by how they’re used: dishes and glassware close to the table or dishwasher, pots and pans by the oven.

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