Rid the pantry of unhealthy temptations

(ARA) – For many, the pantry is that valued storage spot housing dry and nonperishable foods ready to create delicious meals and treats. For some trying to lose weight and develop healthier habits, however, the pantry can hold a world of temptation.

Weight Watchers Leader Liz Josefsberg says the pantry can actually complement your efforts to develop a healthy lifestyle. She shares her top five pantry pointers that helped her lose 50 pounds.

1. Shop with a list. Plan out all meals and snacks for the week, so that your health goals are always in mind. And when you’re walking down the grocery store aisles, stick to the list to help keep temptations out of your home.

2. Watch the sight lines. The eye-level pantry space is prime real estate. This is the area of your pantry where you want to store those healthy options, such as almonds, whole grain pasta and canned fruit and veggies without added sugar or oil. Store more tempting items, like chips and cookies, out of reach such as on your highest shelf, which you might even need to climb on a chair to access.

3. Stock up on single servings. From pudding and cookies to soups and cereals, buying foods with a built-in portion control can help prevent overindulgence.

4. Shop for shortcuts. Time is typically one of the biggest challenges at mealtime, so stock up on healthy ingredients that can be used to create quick healthy meals, or even supplement frozen meals, such as beans, broth, canned vegetables and whole grain rice and pasta.

5. Load up on liquids. Sometimes hunger can be confused with thirst, so stock up on calorie-free drinks such as seltzer waters, diet sodas as well as sugar-free hot chocolate and cappuccino with non-fat milk.

The time is always right to establish healthy goals and form good habits that will benefit the entire family and set you up for long term success. Remember, successful weight loss is about moderation, not deprivation.