Enrollment figures show increase in international, out-of-state students

According to preliminary enrollment figures released by the University’s Division of Management Information on Monday, the Fall 2012 semester has the highest recorded enrollment of international students.

Preliminary abstracts from the first day of classes show a total of 8,291 international students in undergraduate, graduate and professional levels, equating to 19.7 percent of 42,061 total students at the Urbana campus. Out of all international students, China has the highest number on campus with 2,137 undergraduate, 1,594 graduate and eight professional students. Rounding out the top five foreign countries represented at the University are South Korea (854 undergraduate, 454 graduate and nine professional students), India (407 undergraduate and 471 graduate students), Taiwan (114 undergraduate, 246 graduate and one professional student) and Iran (two undergraduate and 111 graduate students). The number of students from foreign countries rose by 701 students since Fall 2011’s enrollment of 7590 international students.

Illinois residents make up 66 percent of the Urbana campus, which includes 24,608 undergraduate, 2,653 graduate and 702 professional students. Outside of Illinois residents, there are 13,573 out-of-state students at the undergraduate, graduate and professional levels. The highest number of out-of-state students is 566 from California. Following California with out-of-state students are New Jersey (260), New York (246), Missouri (229) and Texas (215). In the final Fall 2011 abstract, there were 13,264 non-Illinois resident students.

Final figures for Fall 2012 enrollment will not be released until the tenth-day of on-campus terms by the Division of Management Information.