Shampoo quality may correlate with price

Shiny, luscious locks of hair can be seen on television and on the street, but how do these girls and the occasional guy do it? The root of the problem might actually be the root. Taking care of hair roots can help them grow into pretty locks, and the right shampoo can help.

Shampoo is used to clean and remove unwanted buildup in hair without stripping away nutrients so hair is still manageable. Tracy Shanks, a hair stylist at Hairbenders, said it’s important to get a nice shampoo. And as much as college students love to save money, the more expensive brands are the way to go.

“(A more expensive shampoo) is more concentrated, so you don’t have to use as much. Store bought brands like Suave leave a waxy buildup on your hair. After time, your hair will start to stick together, won’t be silky and will be difficult to style,” Shanks said.

Since the store-bought, cheaper brands are less concentrated, you have to use more.

“With the nicer brands, you will only have to use a dollop that is the size of a nickel or a penny. The cheaper brands, it will take a full handful to clean hair like it should,” Shanks said.

You might be spending the same amount of money if not more for the amount of cheap shampoo you go through. It is more economically savvy to spend your money on the more expensive and luxurious shampoos.

That isn’t always easy on a college budget, Paola Torres, and Andrea Huerta, both freshmen in the college of ACES, said. Both girls use cheaper brands and are quite happy with them.

“I think it is based on how your hair feels. I have tried so many shampoos like Garnier and Tresemme, and they did not work for me. … I do not think it matters about the price but the results from the product,” Torres said.

Some people are happy with their less expensive brands and do not feel the need for a more luxurious brand of shampoo. Huerta, being one of them, uses Tresemme, which can be found at stores including Target or Jewel-Osco.

However, Shanks thinks saving money on drug store products may actually be counterproductive.

“At first, the cheaper brands will make your hair really soft, but eventually it will leave that waxy buildup,” Shanks said. “It will take a few clarifying treatments to get the buildup out of your hair completely.”

It may be hard to drop a lot of cash on shampoo when college students might want to spend that on burritos or a tab at the bar. In the long run, for your hair and wallet, getting the nicer shampoos may be the best route.

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