Illini Drive’s Three and Out: Week 3 preview

_Illini Drive goes “three and out” every Monday on WPGU. Here are the highlights._

*NATIONAL QUESTION —* What is your opinion of these “check games”? (These are) teams bringing in lower FCS opponents to beat up on.

*Thomas Bruch —* I mean, it’s kind of the way this business goes. I don’t know how much resistance there is to not happening. The Savannah States like doing it because they get paid. And they need money. And if they are willing to go get kicked all around and up and down the field, it’s fine.

*BIG TEN QUESTION —* Can it get much worse (for the Big Ten)?

*Jamal Collier —* The Big Ten has just looked awful. Michigan gets embarrassed on a national stage against Alabama. (The Big Ten) goes 0-3 against the Pac-12. Michigan just kind of looks suspect here. They just cannot compete, at all, against rest of the world. … They want to get their kicking game and running backs (in order). Hey, this is 2012, it’s all about offensive points here. And the Big Ten is way behind the curve. And you’re embarrassing me.

*ILLINI QUESTION —* Which position group needs to most improvement this week?

*Max Tane —* I’m going to go with the group that didn’t have a bad game but still has room to grow and get better, and that’s the offensive line. Four delay-of-game penalties (against Arizona State), and that goes back to the communication with the quarterback and the center.