Quick commentary for Aug. 29, 2013

There’s something about waking up at 8 a.m. to 80-degree weather that is simply inhumane. Most of us got stuck to our seats trying to stand up or had to change aisles because apparently deodorant is just a suggestion these days. But the heat wave didn’t stop the masses of sorority girls from starting their tanning packages on time, and it definitely didn’t stop the southwestern U.S. from rolling their eyes at us. But don’t worry, UI is totally down with global warming; how else did you think we got a snow day during the last week of March?

The New York Times website finally returned online after nearly two days following an alleged hack by the Syrian Electronic Army — and nobody but those old guys at Espresso Royale who still read print newspapers really cared. The group has apparently gone after America’s most prestigious and reliable news source, The Onion, and has even taken several jabs at Twitter, the only news source Americans care to read, because if it’s not hashtagged or less than 140 characters, it’s just not worth it. At least the NYT comment-trollers can sleep peacefully tonight — if they do at all.

Yesterday signaled the 50-year anniversary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s infamous “I Have a Dream” speech. Since then, the Supreme Court ruled ambiguously in favor of Fisher v. University of Texas, upholding that race can be a factor in college admissions if done so with strict scrutiny. The Supreme Court also invalidated a key provision of the Voting Rights Act, allowing several states in the South to change their election laws without federal approval. Are we the country now that King dreamt of 50 years ago? Certainly not. But if the University’s mission to diversity represents anything, it’s that we haven’t stopped acknowledging King’s dream.

Now that Chick-fil-A is gone, students are furious. I mean, where else can you get chicken and fries on campus? Hint: everywhere. Fortunately, Wendy’s will be the restaurant’s replacement. Because campus needs more chicken, more fries and more of the same restaurants within a 50-foot radius of one another. Portillo’s was the No. 1 choice, but they declined the offer. So I guess all of the University’s Chicagoland-natives will still resort to filtered Instagram photos for their fixes. And yes, we’re all guilty of it. But seriously, McDonald’s? Burger King? Where you at?