Move-in resources ease moving process for 1st-year students

Relocating most of your possessions into a half-closet-sized room this fall can seem like a daunting task, but new students don’t have to do it alone. Smiling upperclassmen donned in bright orange will be waiting to greet you, direct you to the right place and even help you lug up your boxes to your new home. Yes, Class of 2017, thank your Illini Guides, the returning residents who volunteer to make your move-in day that much easier.

However, there’s plenty of advice to make the moving process easier on the new students’ end. The first would be how many people to bring along for the job.

University Housing recommends bringing at least one family member or friend to watch the car, but students are welcome to bring along more. While it’s easy to think the more the merrier, in this situation, there is a point when too many people can slow down the move, said Tori Baier, I-Guide in 2012 and junior in Fine and Applied Arts. Baier recommends keeping it around two people, the average number of assistants she saw as an I-Guide.

“Bringing four or more people is just too many people in the dorm room,” Baier said. “(You) have to think about (your) roommate bringing family too and how many people can fit in a room.”

For those with a smaller support group, there’s no reason to worry. Whether a student is flying solo or is driven over by someone who can’t assist the move, the I-Guides are always here to help. Extra planning can make a one-person move easier as well.

I was lucky enough to have my father and younger brother act as the muscle for my moves until last spring when I had to take on the task myself. While each resident can rent a dolly to take the heave out of getting boxes from the car to the dorm, I found that there’s a lot of importance in how you organize.

Packing your belongings in mid-sized, stackable bins and boxes can turn five dolly trips into two. Even more, simply having less will make the process easier. It seems self-explanatory, but it may be hard to part with everything non-essential. Many students can’t seem to say goodbye to half of their wardrobe, hobby collection or library of books. However, remember most dorm rooms are small enough to begin with, and you’re only entitled to half (if you’re living in a double). Cluttering the space you have can make it seem even smaller.

Whether it’s grabbing a couple of I-Guides for help or downloading the new Move-in Day App, new residents are provided several resources to make the first day on campus more enjoyable. Taking advantage of them can ensure a successful move-in, no matter if you have mom and dad helping you or you’re settling in yourself.

Sarah is a junior in Media. She can be reached at [email protected]