Staying social while living alone can be a challenge

It is easy to let your social life go by the wayside when your social life isn’t built into your apartment or dorm.  Though roommate problems can arise, there is something to be said about the friendship that roommates provide, and even if you’re not the best of friends, the simple notion that loneliness is minimized by another body.

It’s something to consider.

For freshmen, I would advise steering away from more solitary dwelling.

Freshman year of college is such an important time to make new ties and to learn about yourself and others. Living in dorms and with a roommate or roommates is key. Almost everyone faces some sort of challenge with their freshman year living situation, but that is just a part of life and yet another important life lesson to gain insight into how you want to be and of course, your understanding of other people.

I know that my roommate and I learned a ton from each other during our year of living together, and however unexpectedly, there was a moment in time when I saw our friendship turn into something like a sisterhood of sorts.

For transfer students, it can be a little bit easier to live alone since you’ve already taken the independent plunge into college. For upperclassmen, I would say you have to know yourself, but living alone is not a bad option. If you’re an upperclassman living alone, it might be a bit easier because your social situation will be well-sorted. Even still, as you try to understand living alone, remember to keep social. Make sure to join clubs and find ways to figure out your social life, since the ideal built-in roommate friendship will definitely not even be a possibility. 

Be honest with yourself before living alone.

Will you make sure to see friends during the week?  Do you get lonely really easily? 

Remember that even if you are picky or see yourself as having too many quirks to successfully have a roommate, you can and should communicate differences with your living partners.  Most want a positive living environment, so don’t feel deterred from roomies just because you’re picky. Work to find people who work with your ways; it’s possible.

Keep in touch with your friends, and keep them aware that you live alone and don’t have those built-in roommate friendships around to keep things from getting lonely. (Hint: This is a good way to remind them to organize dinners and such during the week when all anyone cares about is getting their work done.)

Katie is a senior in LAS. She can be reached at [email protected]