iPhone 5S isn’t worth the upgrade, 5C better deal

Apple just released the much anticipated iPhone 5S last Friday, only 10 days after it revealed the phone during a press conference Sept. 10. Despite the hype of its new features, such as the much-touted Touch ID, here are a few reasons you should reconsider buying the iPhone:

Few hardware improvements

The fact that one of the biggest advertising aspects of the iPhone 5S was its new fingerprint sensor just goes to show that not much else about the phone has changed. When the iPhone 5 was released, it showed a larger screen size than the iPhone 4/4s, it was thinner and it had a longer-lasting battery. For the iPhone 5S, half of its improvements came from the software upgrade to iOS7. If you already own an iPhone, you received the benefits of that upgrade on your current iPhone. The iPhone 5S does boast a better camera and faster processor, but the differences are not worth the $200 upgrade as well as signing another two-year contract. The battery of the iPhone 5S also has not improved, with reviews stating that it lasts almost exactly the same length as the iPhone 5.

Touch ID isn’t actually that secure

Speaking about Touch ID, there already have been numerous reports discussing the discovery of security exploits regarding the iPhone 5. Forbes recently reported that a vulnerability exists in iOS7, where users can completely bypass any password or lock screen and directly gain access to an iPhone’s camera and upload pictures to their email and Facebook. This issue isn’t isolated to just the iPhone 5S, but affects all other products running on iOS7.

Might as well get the iPhone 5C instead

There was confusion as to why Apple would release two different upgrades to the iPhone 5 and the difference between the two devices, but that was mostly due to the fact that for the most part, the phones are pretty much the same. The iPhone 5C lacks the brushed magnesium casing and fingerprint sensor, but it’s selling at half the price of an iPhone 5S. A plastic case actually may be beneficial in many situations, being much less prone to scratch than the 5S’s metal casing. The metal casing also doesn’t seem to improve durability. SquareTrade, a warranty provider, discovered that the iPhone 5S is actually less durable than the iPhone 5 when it came to drops and other command hazards.

Brian is a senior in LAS. He can be reached at [email protected]