Champaign City Council discusses brick removal on Healey

At their Tuesday meeting, Champaign City Council members discussed the removal of bricks on Healey Street in order to increase traffic flow.

Following the removal of the bricks, the street would be repaved with asphalt. Due to the pressure from overweight vehicles such as garbage trucks, buses and mail vans, the bricks on Healey have been degraded in recent years. After being paved, Healey Street would be able to support that weight range of vehicles without damage to the road.

According to the resolution, the cost of the project will not exceed $219,765.

Council members also discussed the possibility of buses being rerouted onto Healey Street following its paving, giving citizens who live nearby full and relatively close access to bus stations.

The council also talked about the Green Street project plans, which had been approved on Sept. 10. HERE Champaign, LLC will construct a building between 308-312 E. Green Street. The building will contain 143 residential units with open spaces on the ground floor for new business. The building would also house an automated parking vault in the lower level.

“We have been bringing back Campustown, and we have attracted investors and investments from all over the United States,” said Deputy Mayor Thomas Bruno.

Bruno also mentioned to the council that he had seen a YouTube video showing footage of the University in 1994.

“It was a reminder of how unsightly Campustown was 20 years ago, and how much decay occurred on Green Street, and how much we’ve come from then,” he said.

The council also confirmed that Oct. 9, would be Rock and Roll to School Day.

Rock and Roll to School Day gives a chance for Champaign-area families and students to walk or bike to school, showing students they can get to school in different ways, Mayor Don Gerard wrote in his proposal.

All proposals at the meeting were passed unanimously.

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