Resigned officials still teaching on campus

By Johnathan Hettinger

In May 2009, the Chicago Tribune broke a story about the Urbana campus of the University giving preferential treatment to applicants placed on the “Category I” list. The list was populated with people recommended by lawmakers, University trustees and other public figures who were able to influence University officials to apply more lenient standards in admission. Because of this scandal, both the University president, B. Joseph White, and the chancellor of the Urbana campus, Richard Herman, resigned; however, both stayed on campus in faculty positions and are still on the University payroll today.

Name: B. Joseph White

Former title: University President

Role: B. Joseph White oversaw all three campuses of the University during the Category I scandal. After months of building pressure, White resigned to help the University move onto a new chapter, though he was not implicated as a responsible party in internal investigations.

Title: President Emeritus and James F. Towey Professor of Business and Leadership

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Salary: $289,755/$292,255

Classes taught: BADM 199 (Undergraduate Open Seminar/Business as a Force in American Society), BADM 590 (Seminar in Business Administration/US Corporate Governance), LAW 792 (Current Legal Problems/US Corporate Governance)


Name: Richard Herman

Former title: Chancellor (Urbana campus)

Role: Richard Herman was chancellor of the Urbana campus during the University’s clout scandal. The Chicago Tribune’s FOIA requests show email correspondence that proved Herman was involved in influencing the preferential treatment. Herman resigned shortly after but took over a faculty post in Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership.

Title: Professor of Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership

Salary: $200,000

Classes taught: EOL 595 (Independent study), EOL 590 (Advanced seminar)


In March 2012, the embattled presidency of Michael Hogan, White’s replacement, finally came to an end. Before deciding to resign, Hogan had endured a faculty uprising and a scandal from his office involving his chief of staff impersonating faculty leaders in order to influence discussion.

 Name: Michael Hogan

Former title: University President

Hogan was the next non-interim president of the University following White’s resignation. Later in his tenure at Illinois, Hogan’s chief-of-staff Lisa Troyer allegedly pretended to be a faculty leader and influence discussion in Hogan’s favor. Troyer resigned amid the scandal. Faculty members later wrote and signed a letter of “no confidence” in Hogan to present to the Board of Trustees. Hogan resigned before the letter could be presented.

Title: Distinguished Professor (UIS)

Salary: $290,802/$298,799

Classes taught: HIS 440(Hiroshima)/HIS 503(Researching and Writing History)

Johnathan can be reached at [email protected] and @jhett93.