6 Top Places to Study

By Teryn Payne

1 | Krannert Center for the Performing Arts

This is not a typical place to study, but if you like to listen to sweet melodies while hitting the books, Krannert is the perfect place for you. Although a range of performances can be held here throughout the day, it can serve as a get away spot from overcrowded libraries. 

2 | Business Instructional Facility

You don’t have to be a business major to study here. Everyone is welcome; this building has plenty of space for comfortable studying. Its high ceilings and open windows will give you a scenic view while studying. It also conveniently has an Espresso Royale to fuel late-night study sessions. 

3 | Wohlers Hall

This hidden gem has many open classrooms that are usually available for studying. It also has nice technology equipment if you need to hook your computer up to the projector. 

4 | Illini Union

Although the Illini Union is a high-traffic area, it has some places that are great for studying. If you need a study break, you can check out some of the areas that are more social, such as the Courtyard Cafe. 

5 | English Building

Just like BIF, this building is not just for students in a specific major. This building is one of the oldest on campus, but the computer lab is ideal for doing work in between classes. 

6 | Communications Library 

This library is inside of Gregory Hall and is a small, cozy area to get some quality studying done. On TVs, several news programs from all over the world play, so you will always be in the know about important updates.


Places like the Undergraduate Library and other popular areas are not always the best locations to cram for finals. They can have major distractions, which will lead to unproductivity. Happy cramming, and good luck on finals!

Teryn is a junior in Media. She can be reached at [email protected]